Getting the Most Out of Customer Relations

18 08 2011

Receiving a customer complaint about your product is not something you want or expect.  But it happens sometimes.  It is important to accomplish three goals during that contact:

1) Assess liability – did your product harm the customer? Is there a potential that your product will harm people? Do you need to issue a recall? Is it time to call your lawyer?

2) Improve your product if possible.

3) Turn the upset customer into an advertiser for you – if the customer is misinformed about the product (perhaps the customer misused it or the inquiry was based on a rumor), then walking the customer through its proper use, or explaining the truth about your product, will save you that customer.  More importantly, if you provide the customer with excellent service, and maybe a free sample or two, then the customer will tell everyone what a good company you are.

Today, before you get that phone call, is the perfect time for you to write the questions that you plan to ask and outline the information you need to get.