The Importance of Foundation

22 07 2011

Whether you are dealing with a lawsuit or business negotiations or political debate, it is essential to understand the concept of foundation.  Far too often, people jump to a conclusion without the proper support or evidence (in other words, the “foundation” for that conclusion).

For instance, maybe one person rear ends another.  The person who got rear ended might assume that the other person was sending a text message and not paying attention.  But why would they assume that?  This is absolutely a vital question.  Perhaps they saw the person with a cell phone in hand, perhaps not.  Even with a cell phone in hand, you can’t conclude that the person was sending a text message.  Maybe the person was distracted for other reasons.

Another example would be if you suddenly found your competition using the name of your product on theirs.  You might assume that they are doing so on purpose.  But without some support, that is just an assumption.  Perhaps they are doing it accidentally.  Perhaps not.  But you should always start with what you know for sure and build from there, making note of where you are making assumptions.




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